A vacuum cleaner – multifunctional machine

The Best cordless vacuum cleaner  has a lot of functions, not only for cleaning the floor but also for other places. Take a look and see what it can help you.

1. Inside cabinets and drawers
A vacuum crevice tool works great to clean those forgotten areas behind turntables, or in between cabinet units. It can also be helpful to remove dirt from your range's storage drawer.
2. Books and magazines
Vacuum dusting books or piles of magazines is more effective than wiping with a cloth. It's also much quicker.
3. Closets
Dust, sand and gravel gathers in closets especially around shoes and boots. It is so easy to remove them just by a vacuum cleaner.
4. Pillows
You can either vacuum a pillow to remove dust mites and skin flakes, or place a pillow inside a large plastic bag and while holding the bag slightly closed, gently remove the air with the vacuum hose. Then re-fluff your pillow outside or where the air is cleaner.
5. Mattresses
Mattresses and box springs accumulate dead skin, hair, dust and dust mites. Vacuum regularly to reduce allergens and keep your mattress clean.
6. Steaming and cleaning the carpet
Remember always to vacuum the carpet before cleaning steamer to remove particles, gravel and other debris. It also helps to lift dirt to the surface. Vacuum after the cleaning to fluff and raise rug fibers.
7. Humidifiers and Air Cleaners
Periodically vacuum the air intake and diffuser where air returns to the room, as dust tends to collect in these areas. Air cleaners with built-inionizers tend to accumulate dust at a more rapid pace.
8. Ceiling Fans and Light Fixtures
Along with ornate lighting fixtures, ceiling fans just seem to attract dust. Use a soft brush attachment and vacuum fan blades and housing.
9. Walls
Walls should first be vacuumed before washing or painting to remove loose dust which will be spread with a washing cloth. Vacuum dusting is ideal for cleaning wood walls and paneling, especially before applying a wood cleaner or polish.
10. Hall or Wall Mirrors
Vacuum dusting eliminates the dust that would be smeared as you clean with glass cleaner. Use only a very soft dusting brush on mirrors or glass surfaces.
11. Draperies & Valances
A lot of dust will accumulate especially on the top of curtain headers and valances. Use the hose and wand with a dusting attachment. Some vacuums have a delicate suction feature that is gentler for vacuuming the length of draperies.
12. Refrigerator Coils
Vacuuming exposed coils behind your refrigerator will reduce energycosts and make your appliance work more efficiently.
13. Painting or Staining Projects
For best finishing results, always vacuum wood items to remove minute sawdust, steel wool fibers or other particles, before you stain or paint.
In fact, there are many other places you can use a vacuum cleaner to remove dust and allergens rather than just moving your vacuum cleaner around the room.